The NBA crowned a champ with a lackluster postseason.The NHL crowned a champ in an epic final. Two drafts at the end of this week. So as of next Monday morning, Rob Manfred cannot hide.

Pitcher injuries are at an all time high. Offensively, the start of the season has lacked sex-appeal despite the plethora of star pitchers injured. The disaster of a clown show in Oakland rolls on. The blackouts are insane, literally in home stadiums. Rob Manfred is leaving his role in 2029, and it feels like that will be 14 years too late. 

Bud Selig wasn’t loved by many in his role either. Let’s be honest. It’s a hard job but Bud was twice the commissioner that Rob could ever hope to be. Manfred deserves credit for the pitch clock– he really does. That made the game miles better; with the exception of “walk-off” pitch clock violations. Selig made a lot of changes that we don’t acknowledge (three divisions was arguably his best). He also made some stupid changes like All-Star games deciding home field.

Manfred on the other hand, set baseball back. Expanding playoffs leaving top seeds for expanded rest periods isn’t a reward, it’s a detriment. He has a blind eye approach to ridiculous and incompetent owners like John Fisher. Not to mention, he also has the inability to handle television opportunities. His idiocy highlights his reign of terror more than the actual growth of America’s greatest game. 

Starting Monday, for the next six to eight weeks, Rob cannot hide. He needs drama, storylines and epic battles to carry sports fans through a time where baseball is all that we have. Am I hopeful that this occurs? Yes, because I love baseball. I’ve been a baseball fan like most of the general American public since day one. That being said, I have ZERO faith in the current leadership to help move this great game; forward. 

With Manfred set to retire in 2029, one can only imagine how the next five years can possibly be doomed.

You’re not on deck anymore Rob. The other sports loaded the bases for you. You’re up now. We’ll likely be blacked out mostly to see what you do with this one. This is your most important summer–ever.

The baseball world has more faith in the White Sox postseason chances than your leadership right now. Swing away Bobby, just don’t miss.

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A Bay area transplant to the Desert Southwest, Mike spent two tours at the acclaimed Academy of Radio & TV Broadcasting. You have heard Mike throughout the valley over the years in the morning on KDUS, Evenings on KMYL, as the radio voice of the GBL Mesa Miners as well as a fill-in host on KXPS in Palm Springs.