The NBA Draft is finished. There were so many great players drafted and a few that weren’t. But, now… we roll past. 

Now there’s one talk… that dominates. A simple tale of a father and his son.

Nepotism is the lazy way everyone wants to paint the Bronny James situation. Listen, we don’t shy from it here, we’re not “LeBron” fans. 

Does that discount his place in NBA lore? Absolutely not. Is he a top five NBA’er of all time? Yes. However, it doesn’t matter at this point.

There’s the lazy way to address this…Bronny is a Laker because of “nepotism.” That’s not the right way to do it though.

Nobody seems to have a problem with the Jones family in Dallas. Nobody seems to have a problem with Jed York, Mark Davis, or even Hal Steinbrenner, and we could go on and on from a sports sense.

“Nepotism” is as prevalent in sports and corporate America as possible. Yet,  we only want to make it a thing when we want to make it a thing. 

Need another example in sports?

Gap-Doris and John Fisher-Oakland Athletics. The most egregious case of playing with Mommy & Daddy’s money out there right now.

Bottom line? The Lakers took a guy regardless of his last name -OR- because his last name is “James,” he was picked 55th out of 58 in the NBA draft. 

Fans of any other team should celebrate a “wasted” second round draft pick because of “nepotism.” 

Dennis Rodman, Draymond Green, Jalen Brunson, and others will laugh at the term wasted as they should. There’s plenty of Hall of Fame players that were second round picks.

Is this a statement that Bronny will be a HOF’er? No. But Bronny gets to do one of two things now. Prove us all wrong or prove us all right. The same thing all 58 drafted players will have to do. 

James and his dad share a court now. One of the greatest players ever and his son…like it or not. 

Will Bronny be a player? Maybe, but he’s got a LONG way to go. As a father (and not even a great one, not even close to it), the moment on Thursday was pretty dope. 

Bronny becomes what he becomes now…whether pop gave him a chance or not, it’s Bronny’s story to write. 

You can get the horse to water, but the horse has to drink on its own. 

Bold Ruler and Somethingroyal got Secretariat to water, he still had to learn how to drink on his own. Bronny has to drink and run now, no matter if you like it or not.

Wait, watch, and see. Regardless, put in a better effort than “Nepotism” because that sucks and it’s as soft as hell.

Be better. You lost nothing in this process. Especially if you are a fan of a team that doesn’t rhyme with “Fakers.” 

After all, your team probably drafted at least one bust as well. 

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A Bay area transplant to the Desert Southwest, Mike spent two tours at the acclaimed Academy of Radio & TV Broadcasting. You have heard Mike throughout the valley over the years in the morning on KDUS, Evenings on KMYL, as the radio voice of the GBL Mesa Miners as well as a fill-in host on KXPS in Palm Springs.