Valhalla hosting the second major of the season should always be the focus. Incredible course that truly highlights the risk versus reward. Day 1 was great, weather held up but the black cloud is still there. We’ve still had no progress in the LIV/PGA merger. In fact, there’s been more separation than progress. 

The PGA Tour isn’t down despite what people say. The play has been exciting, the stories just as much. When Tiger took the golf world by storm, we always asked, “Who would compete with him?” Scottie Scheffler isn’t Tiger, likely nobody ever will be. That being said, the guys trying to run him down are exciting young players and experienced vets that are fun to watch.

Leave the two entities separate because, why not? Vegas Mack said last summer if we really want to do this then let’s play a “Presidents Cup” type event between the two entities. Let’s settle it all every year that way. Clearly, the money for an event like this would be there. No doubt that the competitive fury would be there. 

To each his own in this case. Nobody in their right mind could blame the guys that defected for taking the money. After all, family always comes first. Being said, leave them separate. LIV should hire somebody that has a clue on how to try and market the concept but that’s a different story for a different day. LIV is what it is and appeals to some people for its “frat house” type atmosphere. The rest of us enjoy the PGA Tour for the iconic venues, the traditions, and the history.

When change happens, most people can’t handle it. Change is always inevitable. Choice also is life’s constant necessity. Let allegiances lie where they may. I know where mine sits and I would also be glued to a LIV vs PGA Tour competition. 

After all, sports are always at their best, when there is a hero/villain or David/Goliath aspect to them.The making for that, the “heat” that’s required to provide a cauldron of excitement is already there. The two people that head up these two entities are just too blind to see how it would be a marketer’s dream and a sports fan’s paradise.

Therein lies the problem of it all.

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A Bay area transplant to the Desert Southwest, Mike spent two tours at the acclaimed Academy of Radio & TV Broadcasting. You have heard Mike throughout the valley over the years in the morning on KDUS, Evenings on KMYL, as the radio voice of the GBL Mesa Miners as well as a fill-in host on KXPS in Palm Springs.