The PGA Tour has entered crunch time. The Open Championship is less than two weeks away. The Olympics and then the race begins for the FedEx Cup. Monday however, there was just a tad bit of news. Keegan Bradley will be your captain for the 2025 Ryder Cup at Bethpage Black. 

Personally, I love it. Most of the golf world? They are not the biggest fans of the news. 

Bradley is the youngest captain since the legendary Arnold Palmer was a playing captain in 1963. The easy way to dissect it? He can’t possibly be worse than Zach Johnson was in 2023. For me, it’s more than that. Bradley was passed over for a roster spot for reasons only known to Johnson in ‘23. He was definitely more deserving than a handful of guys selected to that team. 

That’s 1,000% why I think Keegan is the perfect choice. Still a fan favorite almost everywhere he goes, Bradley brings a passion and youthfulness to the position that I think US Golf definitely needs heading into next September. It’s almost like his calling. He will be absolutely loved by the crowd at BPB. 

Keegan’s from Vermont, and played collegiately at St. John’s. I’m pretty sure that will go over great with the passionate fans of New York. He might end up being the most popular guy at the Ryder Cup and he won’t even swing a club. PGA of America President, John Lindert, absolutely striped this one down the fairway.

The Ryder Cup is about being passionate, playing in the moment, and being confident. Does anything describe KB any better than that? I love the choice and the idea the more and more I think about it. 

The painful experience of being left off of the 2023 team I believe will help him immensely in making the Captain’s Selections that are always so debatable. Keegan will be the one calling now.  After the drubbing the Americans took in Italy, there will be a massive amount of eyeballs on this one. Keegan will rise to the occasion.

There are a ton of talented and rising stars on the tour. Hands down the best player in the world, and the passion and determination of Bradley will make for the ultimate mix when the event arrives in Farmingdale.

It’s about time the PGA of America decided to destroy the box. It’s long past time to look past “the boys” and quit playing the political side of things. I applaud the move with open arms. If you are a golf fan and love this event, you should be doing the same. It’s New York baby– you have to bring the energy and passion. They picked a guy who lives, eats, sleeps, and breathes for this event. To steal a line from another guy with New York ties in sports; “Can’t Wait.”

Congrats Keegan, the Mike Arana Show crew is jacked for you! Here’s to finally opening “that bag” next Fall. 

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A Bay area transplant to the Desert Southwest, Mike spent two tours at the acclaimed Academy of Radio & TV Broadcasting. You have heard Mike throughout the valley over the years in the morning on KDUS, Evenings on KMYL, as the radio voice of the GBL Mesa Miners as well as a fill-in host on KXPS in Palm Springs.